Priorities and Challenges

Bor Diocese is a vast area of primarily pastoral grassland and semi-desert, encompassing many different pastoral tribes. Cattle herding is the primary economic activity, and tension between tribal groups over cattle and grazing land sometimes flare into violent conflict, fueled by the ready availability of automatic weapons and other small arms.

Bishop Nathaniel has a number of priorities and challenges to address.


As in other parts of South Sudan, Bor is dealing with a large number of returning refuges and IDP’s, whose food an income security are a major challenge.


There is a significant need both for buildings and for qualified teachers in the primary and secondary schools.

Agriculture Programs:

The cattle herds of Bor have been reconstituted after having been slaughtered, stolen or dispersed during the Civil War. Still there are insufficient veterinary care and supplies. Conflicts over cattle are a primary source of tension, and though a large majority of the population claims membership in the Episcopal Church, violence still erupts where there is competition for scarce resources.