The Diocese of Bor

The Diocese of Bor is a vast area of Jonglei state, stretching east from the Nile to the border of Somalia and lying north of the Diocese of Torit and south of the new Diocese of Twic East. The current cathedral is in Bor town and is a large metal-roofed and sided structure. The Diocese of Salisbury, U.K. has a link with the Province of Sudan, including Bor, and the Diocese of Indianapolis has a relationship with Bor.

Bor was the origin of the famous Lost Boys of Sudan who are more than 27,000 boys who were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005).
CMS Missionaries began work in Bor area in 1906.
Bor diocese works with the church in Ethiopia to help Sudanese refugees.
Bishops Nathaniel and Ezekiel make a great team.

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